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3D Folded Blocks

With Esther & Geesje

How folded blocks are made:

3D folded blocks are built by layering folded shapes, starting with a foundation square, stitching around the perimeter of the block as each layer is added, until you are left with a layered version of a traditional block suitable for a variety of projects.














Something we discovered when making our first blocks was the pretty steps along the way, so we designed two projects that show the progression of a block, including the Breeze Catcher shown above.  


And these are the folding and layering diagrams for Union Square, the block in our web site header...



Folded blocks are not hard to make, but there are certain challenges inherent to working with so many layers of fabric. If you begin with the 3-block sampler tutorial in our book, you'll get past the learning curve quickly. It has all the tips that you need, taking you through all twelve of the folds we use.


Please check out the  FAQ page, for info that had to be edited out of the book in the interest of length, along with the page on how to plan projects that will be washed.


 If any new questions pop up as you start stitching, please don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we can make this web site as helpful a resource as possible.