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3D Folded Blocks

With Esther & Geesje


3D Folded Blocks has over a dozen patterns and is a resource for SEVENTY 4" folded blocks. The blocks are created by folding bits of fabric into a variety of shapes, and layering them.

The only stitching is done around the outside edge of the block!


Patterns include:

a breeze catcher (1)

3 small wall hangings (6, 7, 10)

a notebook cover (8)

a trinket box (12)

a shopping bag  (9)

a bell pull (4)

2 intermediate wall hangings (2, 5))

2 large samplers (3, 11)

Plus a detailed tutorial for a 3-block sampler that incorporates all 12 folds shown below...


Projects in our book,

3D Folded Blocks:


Folded blocks have been around for a long time, and we've had lots of fun making them in our workshops. But, aside from a great little Dutch booklet of fifteen blocks by Liesbeth Noordhuis, we really couldn't find another good source for them. So, a few winters ago we began converting more traditional blocks into folded ones and designing projects to showcase them.

And here’s what we came up with...